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At Home Run Realty, we go beyond treating your home as just a number. In today’s market, our commitment is to deliver unparalleled care and a personalized touch to elevate the value of your investment.

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The Home Run Realty Difference

How Our Property Management Services Make
Your Property Ownership Experience Better

Enhanced Investment Growth

We maximise the potential of your investment by tailoring our services to your specific property demands. Increased property value and investment returns are the outcome of our focused attention, which also fosters careful maintenance and smart management.

Peace of Mind through Consistency

You’re constantly informed thanks to our dedication to open communication. Your property is in experienced hands, so you can relax knowing that you have access to our experts and receive frequent updates. You won’t ever be in the dark regarding the state of your investment thanks to this steady stream of information.

Optimised Property Health

We take a proactive approach to maintenance, which aims to avoid issues rather than merely fix them. We increase renter happiness, prolong the life of your property, and protect the value of your investment with our expertise in maintenance, all of which help you save time and money.

Revitalise Your Property Management Experience

Liberate yourself from the burdens of property management. Contact Wendy now to discover a world where your peace of mind is our priority, and the well-being of your property is assured by dedicated expert care.

Our Ideal Client Partnership

At Home Run Realty, the heart of our service beats to the rhythm of empathy and understanding. Wendy cherishes working with clients who share her vision: that a property is more than an asset; it’s a home to those who reside within.

Empathetic Investors

We resonate with rental providers who seek to optimise their investment and understand the importance of providing renters a secure and comfortable living space.

Balanced Care Approach

Our ideal clients value a property manager who maintains the fine balance between maximising investment returns and ensuring renter well-being.

Holistic Property Mindset

Wendy thrives alongside clients who appreciate that a well-cared-for home attracts and retains quality renters, creating a harmonious, profitable investment journey.

Community Builders

We admire clients who recognise their role in fostering community through responsible property ownership and management.

Long-term Relationship Seekers

We’re committed to clients looking for a long-term partnership built on mutual respect and shared values, aiming for lasting success in the property market.

Home Run Realty is not just managing properties; we’re nurturing communities, one home at a time, with rental provider who understand the value of care in every aspect of property management.

What We Do – Who We Help

At Home Run Realty, we specialise in providing comprehensive property management solutions. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned rental provider, we’re here to make your journey stress-free.

Trusted Property Management in Melbourne

Home Run Realty is a reputable and community-focused real estate agency that stands out for its trustworthiness and excellence in Melbourne’s property market.

Our Ideal Client Partnership

  • Expertise

Leverage the wealth of knowledge possessed by our Director, Wendy, for your property needs.

  • Community Focus

We’re invested in giving back, just as we invest in your properties.

  • Consistency

Our ‘no revolving door’ policy means you get consistent service every time.

  • Servicing All Areas of Melbourne

From the bustling CBD to the serene suburbs, we manage properties across Melbourne with local expertise and a global mindset.

Our Comprehensive Property Management Process

Comprehensive Renter Selection

We start with a meticulous renter selection procedure and use thorough screening in addition to in-person meetings to make sure your property is paired with dependable renters who will value your investment.

Proactive Communication

You are kept updated on everything from the minute a renter is considered to the small details of daily property maintenance. We maintain open lines of contact and provide frequent updates in response to any questions or concerns.

Upkeep with Prescience

We don’t only respond to problems when they arise; we also anticipate them. Our thorough and regular property inspections let us spot possible issues before they become serious, so your home always looks great.

Trust Accounting

You won’t ever be left in the dark about your investment thanks to accurate and timely financial reporting. Our thorough trust accounting procedures provide you with a complete picture of your property’s financial health.

Client-Centric Problem Resolution

In the event that difficulties emerge, we tackle them head-on and provide solutions specific to the requirements of your property, always putting your best interests and the sustainability of your investment first.

Constant Improvement

In keeping with Wendy’s guiding principles, we look for ways to improve our methods and make sure that our services both meet and surpass your expectations.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear from our satisfied clients who’ve experienced the Home Run Realty difference.

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